Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal
Original Lockport Lock
Powerhouse and spillway are to left of lock.
The modern Illinois Waterway lock would be built in the space to the right of the original lock.

Google Earth image of Lockport Dam


Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal
Postcard view before Illinois Waterway construction

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District photo
Illinois State Archives

Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal
Original Lockport Lock under rebuild
Note the spauling on the side walls and that this lock is filled by side tunnels rather than by valves in the upper gates. This lock
was 22 feet wide and 130 feet long with a maximum lift of 41 feet. This improvement was to replace the I & M Canal route through Lockport and Locks 1 – 4 when the Cal-Sag Channel was built crossing the original canal. For a short period of time, this lock was claimed to be the highest lift lock in the world.