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ACS Canal Index Pages

In the 1970's, members of the American Canal Society prepared index pages of many American canals as well as structure pages of many of the structures thereon.  While these pages are incomplete, all the pages compiled are included here for the valuable information they contain.  There are also many recent revisions and additions as noted on the state or area index pages. Free flowing, but navigable rivers such as the lower Mississippi and Missouri are not included.

The canal indexes are as follows:

Click on the underlined name to view the index!

Please note that these are the actual pages done in the early 1970's (except for recent additions and updates).  Changes have occurred since and there are some inaccuracies in the information on the pages However, the sheets are very valuable starting places and summaries.

If you wish to submit updated information or information on a canal or structure not included, blank forms in pdf format are included below.  While the forms have data zones, you may not be able to access them unless you have Adobe Acrobat Professional on your computer.  Nevertheless, you can print the blank, complete it,  and mail it to David Barber, 16 Ballou Road, Hopedale, MA 01747-1833